Esthetic Dentistry is well represented by Canadian dental professionals both within Canada and internationally. In fact, Canadian dentists are leaders in adopting innovative materials and technologies, well ahead of many other national groups.

Canadian dentists are active in many international esthetic and cosmetic dental organizations, and we have a number of excellent regional and local societies dedicated to education. What Canada does not have is a national dental esthetic academy that is in a position to further the education, camaraderie and fraternity of the leading dental professionals performing cosmetic dentistry. We also do not have an organization that will represent the esthetic dental group exclusively in Canada, and on the much larger international stage, where as Canadians, we have an obligation to maintain our identity.

The Canadian Academy for Esthetic Dentistry was founded to give Canadian dentists a common forum, an educational focus, and an international voice. The CAED is envisioned as an association of the leading esthetic dental professionals in Canada that will provide leadership and progress, and play a prominent role in the ongoing development of dentistry.

We aim to coexist with other esthetic societies and programs.  Any dentist, dental specialist or lab technician that feels a need to learn more, share ideas and meet fellow colleagues can join the academy.