6 Oct / 2017

Cannabis Oil Is Being Increasingly Used For Cancer Treatment

Cancer is one of the deadly diseases that are taking a huge toll all over the world. Every year millions of people are diagnosed with cancer. There is no effective cure for cancer apart from chemotherapy. However, it has been seen that chemotherapy when administered with cannabis oil can help to treat cancer up to a great extent.

Cannabis oil cancer treatment has become a popular topic among scientist and also among the medical fraternity. In fact, even some oncologists are advising cancer patients to uses alternative treatment options for cancer. In order to learn how cannabis oil can help to treat and kill cancer cells, it is important to have a clear idea about cannabis.


Cannabis also known as marijuana is considered as a psychoactive drug that is obtained from the Cannabis Sativa plant. However, medial cannabis is vastly different from cannabis plant which is used as a recreational drug.

The plant contains an important compound known as CBD that acts on the cancer receptor cells. The cannbinoids restricts the growth of the cancer cells and it eventually kills it. Usually, the oil that is obtained from the plant is used in treating cancer.

cannabis oil cancer

Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil cancer is gaining wide popularity all over the world. The oil is obtained through the process of solvent extraction. The solvent extraction process makes use of the grounded dried buds. It is mixed with a fluid that is then evaporated and the extract that is obtained is mixed with the plant based oil. Cannabis oil usually comes in variety of colors and textures like golden light honey color to dark molasses.

How Cannabis Oil Helps with Cancer?

If you want to know how cannabis oil cancer treatment is possible, you will have to go through rest of the blog.

The anti-oxidant property of the cannabis oil is helpful in treating a wide range of health conditions. Apart from treating cancer it is also used to treat autoimmune disease, inflammation, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, and so on. However, one thing that must be noted here is that it can treat a wide range of cancer like prostate, brain, breast, and liver cancer.hemp seed oil

The natural compounds present in the oil like THC or CBD can help to attack the cancer cells. One must be well aware of the fact that there is a group of sphingolipids that controls the life and the death of the cancer cells. Usually, when ceramide level remains high death of the cancer cells is certain and vice versas. However, death of cancer cells totally depends on the result of the slight shift within the mitochondria. The cannabis oil cancer treatment is possible as the oil aids to cut off the energy supply to the cancer cells. When the cells don’t get their required amount of energy it starves to death. Protein known as p53 is produced and it causes disturbance within the cancer cells. It restricts the survival pathway of the cancer cells.

However, cancer patients should consult an oncologist before going for cannabis oil cancer treatment. Proper treatment can cause shrinking of the cancer cells and cause its death.