11 Sep / 2018

Tips For Your Homemade Simpson Oil

The oil we are going to talk about is the Rick Simpson oilFor those of you who don’t know about this oil; this oil was developed by a Canadian man who is also an activist of medical marijuana called Rick Simpson. The oil that he developed is supposed to have therapeutic properties and has become quite popular.

Now for those of you who want to make the oil on your own, remember, that first you must choose the right ingredients. According to Rick’s own method, the marijuana buds or flowers that you are using must be 100% premium. The flowers must also be organically grown and the buds must be full size. If you can make perfect Simpson oil it will deliver 70% potency at the minimum and 90% at the maximum.

simpson oil


Also you need the right equipment. A stainless rice cooker of the 6-cup variety, a thermometer gun of the infrared variety including digital laser, a 90mm funnel and a hand pump, and filter paper measuring 6micron, 26s, (it should have a diameter of 90mm, grade 3 and 100ml/sq. inch rate of flow) are all that you will need.

The next step for making good Simpson oil would be to choose the right solvent. Everclear is used by most but they have more water to them so some even use isopropyl alcohol. Any organic alcohol would do with at least 150-190 proof. It should be really concentrated.

The Process

  1. Remove unwanted moisture from the flower by dehydrating it 130 degrees F.
  2. Freeze it in an airtight container so that moisture does not seep in, for 48 hours or even a week.
  3. Freeze your solvents for a week and after that soak or wash both materials.simpson oil
  4. Stir the two materials in a bowl for 5-10 minutes and let it sit for 5 minutes, and keep the mixture frozen all the while. Then keep it inside the freezer and let it soak up.
  5. Strain the dry flowers after you have soaked them and the remaining alcohol using a colander.
  6. You need to freeze the solution again and at really low temperature, which leave the unwanted residue below and the clear solution liquid. Freeze it for 36 hours or longer.
  7. Now you must filter the Simpson oil using your filter paper discs, and filter cakes will build on top of the discs. This will filter away the entire unnecessary gunk and so keep repeating the process until you feel satisfied that your oil purified.
  8. The solution now has to be heated at over 240 degrees F. Put the solution into the rice cooker and heat it. Use the thermometer to check the temperature; it must not cross 300 degrees F.
  9. After heating it has to be filtered again, once all the alcohol is evaporated and you are left with a thick concentrate.

End Result

You can go for a laboratory test to know if you made the right Simpson oil at your local laboratory. It will not cost you more than $50. And there you have it, your own homemade oil.